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New! Version 1.3.7 of the binaries dated 25th September 2003 are released. "-allalign" flag added for display of all alignments.


Binaries for the following platforms are available:

Platform Binaries
Windows Command Prompt maglign.zip
Linux mgalign-linux
Mac OS X mgalign-mac
Sun Solaris mgalign-solaris
SGI IRIX mgalign-sgi

All the binaries except for the Windows Platform are gzipped. To unzip it, type the following command:

prompt> gunzip mgalign-platform.gz

The binary for the Windows Platform is in the zip format. To unzip it, use Winzip.

For detailed installation, output samples and usage information click here. If you still have problems using the binaries, please email bernett@bic.nus.edu.sg with a detailed account of the problem and we will try to solve you problems as soon as possible.


A Python script [formatter.py] is also available for the creation of various different types of output. Remember to change the 1st line of the script which indicates the location of your python interpretor. The script was tested using Python 2.2, version 1.5 does not work.

You can get the latest copy of the programming language Python at http://www.python.org for various platforms.


The following text Readme documents are available:


 National University of Singapore[Python Powered]
 Department of Biochemistry