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Search For Sequence

In this page, you can search for signal sequences based on Swiss-Prot accession number OR browse by organisms OR you can paste in your signal sequences and BLAST against the database for any matching sequence. You can have the result displayed as HTML or presented to you as zipped file.

(a) Input Options
Use the query fields below to search for signal sequence.

Swiss-Prot Entry Name /
Accession No.:
Keyword Search
(Organism,Name of Protein,Description,Keywords) :
Sequence To Search :
  Amino acid sequence        (paste your sequence in FASTA format)                

(b) Output Options
Output format : HTML   Zipped FASTA file

(c) Filtering Options
Click on the following options to filter the search results.

Data filtering :  No filtering
 Filter out experimentally unverified sequences.
     (including those with more than 1 possible end positions; lipoprotein SPs will be filtered too)

Group :  All

Sequence Length :  All
 less than   residues

Display Results :    entries per page


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