Sample sequences

The table below provides sample sequences obtained from IRD for the demonstration of prediction models in FluLeap. For more information, please read the tutorial page.

Click on the strain name to find out more about the virus strain from IRD or click on any of the predict button to run a prediction.






Avian strains

A/American green-winged teal/Ohio/13OS1844/2013H3N8Wild-type avian strain from wild bird in USAPredict
A/chicken/Ningxia/222/2012H5N1Avian strain from chicken in ChinaPredict
A/duck/Denmark/53-147-8/2008H7N1Avian strain from duck in DenmarkPredict

Potential zoonotic avian strains

A/chicken/Shanghai/S1053/2013H7N9Potential source of 2013 H7N9 outbreak in ChinaPredict
A/Chicken/Hong Kong/220/97H5N1Avian strain from chicken during 1997 H5N1 outbreak in Hong KongPredict
A/chicken/Netherlands/03010132/03H7N7Avian strain from chicken during 2003 H7N7 outbreak in NetherlandsPredict

Human strains from potential avian source

A/Shanghai/02/2013H7N9Human strain isolated from patient during 2013 H7N9 outbreak in ChinaPredict
A/Hong Kong/542/97H5N1Human strain isolated during 1997 H5N1 outbreak in Hong KongPredict
A/Brevig Mission/1/1918H1N1Human strain isolated from 1918 Spanish flu pandemicPredict

Human strains

A/Helsinki/951/2013H3N2Seasonal 2012/13 flu season human strain from FinlandPredict
A/Beijing/HZ01/2011H1N1Seasonal human strain from ChinaPredict
A/New York/231/2003H1N1Seasonal 2002/03 flu season human strain from New YorkPredict